Candace Fields: The NWPSC Interview

The inimitable Candace Fields not only contributed her beautiful still photography to tonight's galleries, she stopped by Alyson's cabin earlier this week to talk about her short documentary 'Babes in Pinland'. Focusing on Seattle's monthly womxn's pinball tournament, her camera captured not just the unconventional beauty of spaces like Add-a-Ball Amusements and Shorty's of the beautiful friendships - but the friendships that run so deep between the players that dwell there. If you didn't have an opportunity to see the world premier back in early May, NWPSC is proud to have the permission to share it right here for campers to peek into our wonderful world!

In the NWPSC interview, posted in the comments, Candace took and hour to tell us about her pinball origin, her photography and filmmaking origin, her influences and role models, and her love of baking (it's so good!). While we both touched on our personal ideas and ideals for creating more diversity, in film, Babes in Pinland, and larger communities of pinball, we recognize the importance of including BIPOC voices in these important conversations, and I wanted to express that our discussion on the topic of inclusivity is far from conclusive. We can't wait for the game to come back, so it is easier for us to join together with the voices of all players to create the most welcoming and safe communities possible, for our new and established players alike, so that we can all find equal joy in shooting a game of pinball and learn about each others stories and walks of life. Candace's spirit of activism has inspired me throughout the summer, and I'm grateful for how she makes me think, as an artist, player, and friend.

Keep up with Candace on Instagram: @candace_of_chiaroscuro

The film world is on pause, and this is an incredibly difficult time for filmmakers. If you can, please help support Candace's livelihood and future endeavors so she can continue to tell beautiful stories through her photography and documentaries. Reach out to her about via her IG to ask her about baked goods! Or simply contribute *any* amount to her efforts on Venmo (@candace-fields), CashApp ($darlingmisfit) or PayPal (Candace Fields).

Enjoy the show, everyone! I CAN'T WAIT TO BE WITH MY BABES AGAIN, but this gorgeous short film sure takes the edge off.