Here are a few exciting changes and updates to the schedule

that are NOT reflected in the graphic. Any further schedule updates will come in the form of posts here in the group campsite:
🏕The FULL MOON FEVER hangout on Zoom **has been cancelled** to make room for the fresh ideas and collaborations that have come up in the past few weeks. We encourage all campers to let us know here on the page if you'd like to start your own "Cabins" in the form of hangouts in Facebook Rooms or your own Zooms, at any point this weekend. Let's mingle!

🏕6:00 Shoot...for ‘THE CAMERA’: A Pinball Gallery Show
Curators: Gene X Hwang, Skill Shot Zine, and Alyson Rae
Time & Place: 6 PM PST, Facebook Group Campsite
Step into the campground and get lost in the creative zone while browsing through the works of photographers who capture the beauty of pinball playfields, the passion of competition, and the joy of our communities. We also welcome a retrospective from Skill Shot: Seattle’s Pinball Zine! Tune into Facebook Live at 6PM as NWPSC interviews scene documentarians about their experiences capturing pinball, from the corners of bars to the main stage of Pinburgh!

🏕7:00 PM PST TO 10:30 PM HOST: Michael Adcock -- LOCATION: Discord & Pinball FX3
Play pinball with us on PC/Steam or console (PS4, Switch, XBOX One), even if you don't already own the games! Zen has provided a limited number of codes for Williams Pinball Vol. 5 (Cirqus, Gofers, TOTAN) for those who need them. We'll play to reach a high score for an hour on each virtual table, and the top 3 winners will receive another table pack of their choosing.

Alyson is proud to have Pincast host and DIY queen Kayla Greet join her as a co-host in her Arts & Crafts Lodge on Zoom!
Along with the fantastic womxn that make Seattle's Babes in Pinland tick, Chicago Belle and 'Enter Your Ingredients' host Jessica Kent will be co-hosting the Gunch Bunch Brunch on Zoom, welcoming all Babes, Belles, and beyond as we dine and chat from campsites all over the continent.