Closing Ceremonies

 I've extinguished the campfires, turned the virtual machines off, emptied the Mess Hall pantry, rolled up the yoga mats, cleaned up the spills/glitter wigs/bunny ears/various discarded clothing left behind in Skill Shot's cabin, and I'm as ready as I'm gonna be to close down Northwest Pinball Summer Camp for it's 2020 season. I have archived all content at, so campers can easily share the Camp experience with others, and revisit it's many programs without all the scrolling. This post will stay pinned at the top all summer for easy reference, and stay tuned for smaller seasonal events from our talented Counselor team! If you'd like to contribute ideas or content to next year's NWPSC or any offshoot online events, my cabin door is open year round to support and collaborate with you, wherever you are!

Got some prizes to award!

Heather of Lansing, Michigan wins our Campsite photo contest (and a Stranger Things Translite, thanks to Stern Pinball) with her documentation of the wildlife in her yard mingling with her Flip Side pinball machine, it just cracked me up. Also, for those not familiar with The Flip Side, it's a tiny but mighty mini-machine sold as an accessory by the American Girl Doll company - I was at every event at Camp and it came up just about everywhere. I've been told that, for it's tabletop size, it plays beautifully and is taking the quarantine pinball world by itty-bitty storm. Trending!

Second place to Seattle based Quiz Counselor Ashley Weaver for her full blown living room tent and fireplace set-up (seen on the Ultimate Pinball Game Show), and third to Boston Belle and first time camper (like...ever) Allison Flintoff - I just love that an internet pinball camp in the middle of a pandemic is what she will always think of as her first camping experience. Both campers will receive tank tops from Soft Plunge Pinball

The campers have spoken, and Kayla Greet is the winner of the Skill Shot Pincast Fantasy Arcade Draft. Watch the show for a great convo between six NW locals about thirty great games that make up their unique arcades. Kayla's draft included The Addams Family, Scared Stiff, Centaur, Seawitch, and Grand Lizard. Thanks to all who sounded off - there were so many great choices to pick from. Personally - I always vote Centaur because the world really needs a half axe wielding beast/half sick motorcycle right about now.

Best Attendance award goes to Jen Ruper of Columbus, Ohio! She was side by side with me at every event that her EST time zone allowed for, and it was the greatest pleasure feeling her joyous energy as much as I did when we had the fortune of meeting in our first group of Pinburgh last year. We will spend more time together during a free and fully customized private yoga class in my Verve & Vibration Yoga online studio.

The NWPSC 2020 Humanitarian award goes to Jackbox Counselor Breanna Jo Lloyd - her enthusiasm and tenacity in getting the word out about her fundraiser raised $535 for King County Equity Now! Thank you for taking on a great fundraising effort to raise money for our local BIPOC community - come get your free yoga, my Babe-in-arms - I'll even come and distance teach you and your awesome pin-fam quaranteam in your backyard!

If anyone missed the gallery show Friday night, I want to give huge props to Gene X Hwang and all the incredible photographers that shared their work and words about what inspires them as pinball players and documentarians of our communities - from the corner of a dive bar to the main stage of Pinburgh. I'll be linking to the galleries in the comments of this post and pinning it to the top of the page so you can come back whenever you want to see these electrifying images of the world's best game, and heartwarming captures of the people that play it and camaraderie that is built around it. I had a blast interviewing Gene as well, the video is available here in the group or on the main website!

And that's about all! Thanks for coming! Seeing everyone's efforts come together with all this entertainment was just unreal for me, and I've made some great friends that I can't wait to get out and meet and shoot games with once travel and pinball begins to safely come back to life. I don't go to the big shows like NWPAS and Pinburgh/WIPT for prize money or IFPA points - I go for the human experience and to learn the games better, and last weekend really captured that spirit for me in more ways than I can count. Never change, Campers - I promise I'll write!!!


Alyson Rae, NWPSC Director, July 2020