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For those still wandering the Campground, exit through the General Store to spiffy up your summer wardrobe!

🌲I just treated myself to a snuggly hoodie from! Get on in there for shirts of all styles, as well as crew socks and totes! Thanks to Chase Nunes for the design and creating the shopping opportunity. It was SO FUN and touching, seeing photos from everywhere of people in their camp swag.

🌲Thanks to Soft Plunge Pinball for furnishing prizes for the campsite photo contest and Fantasy Arcade Draft on the Skill Shot Pincast! I wore her threads all over Camp. The pink leggings are still in their prototype stage, and I’m honored to have had a chance to confirm that they are the best quality material I’ve had on my legs, and I live in yoga clothes at this point so I’ve got a high standard! Check out her goods (and SALES!) at Also, I highly recommend the goods (especially the Camp Crystal Lake Pinball Tournament shirts) from her partner at Double Danger Pinball Accessories at

🌲Wear a mask! Look good doing it! Pinball masks by Know A Zombie from Austin TX. She sews everything to order and just ordered new fabrics that are due to arrive in early August (pop bumpers! Floating pinballs!) - I’m sharing them in below with her contact info. She’s wonderful to work with, and if you run a pinball event or bar, are on a team, or have a league that you’d like to help your friends stylishly cover their faces - I had a great experience ordering masks in a bulk of 20 and sold them to my teammates and friends at cost. 😷🥰




Instagram: @knowazombie

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