Let's Get Cooking, Campers!

There will be culinary offerings from the NWPSC Mess Hall each day of camp, if you wanted to bake and/or cook along with us at home! I'll be posting more details about the events later this week, but since a lot of people are only going out for groceries once a week, I wanted to get the shopping lists out to any gourmand campers out there to stock your pantries accordingly. Ingredient and equipment lists are in the comments!

Whether you're building a s'mores inspired dessert with Alyson in Saturday's Arts & Crafts Lodge (Zoom link to follow), or putting together a three course breakfast during Mess Hall Madness (starring Jessica Kent of 'Enter Your Ingredients' - a pinball cooking show on Twitch) Sunday morning, here's everything you'll need to get cooking in yer campsite! 🔥🍫🍳🤘



1 8 oz. package cream cheese, softened

1 pint whipping cream*

1 jar marshmallow cream - I couldn’t find any at Safeway, but managed to get a jar of Marshmallow Fluff (incidentally a staple of my New England childhood) on Amazon in 3 days. Kraft makes one too.

1 box honey graham crackers

1 bag semi-sweet chocolate chips**

Vanilla extract

Prepared brownies - from scratch, box mix, grocery store bakery - whatever suits your kitchen ambition! You really can’t screw up a trifle!

*Canned whipped cream like Reddi-Whip is fine too, if you don’t have a hand mixer. But you will need a heavy cream to cook the chocolate sauce...

**...Or buy a jar of chocolate sauce, like sundae topping, if that’s easier. I highly recommend preparing it from scratch though, it’s crazy simple and I will do it along with you on Saturday!

⚔️Equipment needed:

4 12 oz. water or cocktail glasses, mason jars, or other creative vessels that will show off the layers.

Plastic bag, ideally a Ziploc but even a plastic shopping bag will work.

Hand mixer

Mixing bowl


Rubber spatula

Measuring cup/spoons

ALL the spoons, for tasting and layering

PB&J&B Peasant Pancrepes


Peanut butter (or sunflower butter or whatever nut-base spread you desire)

Eggs (or egg sub/flax eggs)

Vanilla extract

Coconut flour

Choc chips, bluebs, optional

Neutral oil (like veggie or grapeseed), though I might use coconut oil to complement the flour

For compote:

Berries of your choosing

Sugar or maple syrup

Lemon (zest and juice

Equipment needed:

Large bowl

Potato masher or trusty squishin’ fork

Whisk if you’re into it


Stovetop or hot plate

Flipper spatula

Measuring cups

Measuring spoons

Master of Granola

Old Fashioned oats

Nut butter of choice

Maple syrup

Dried berries (craisins, golden raisins, dried cherries, for example)

Dried other fruit (dates or apricots, for example)

Raw nuts and seeds (like almonds, peanuts, sunflower kernels, etc)

Equipment needed:

Medium bowl

Lorge bowl

Sturdy spoon with longer handle for mixin’


Cookie sheet

Parchment paper or foil for lining cookie sheet (optional if yr cookie sheet is hella clean)


Oven mitts


Catapult breakfast casserole

Potates (Sweets or waxy, like new/red/yellow potates)


Onion (will likely be using green onions)

Cheese (if going non-vegan)

Olive Oil

Salt & Pepp

Nutritional Yeast (optional)

Your fave spices, dried or fresh (fresh oregano, rosemary, thyme will likely be used)

Your fave protein of choice - I will probably use breakfast “sausage” crumbles or something like that.

Equipment needed:

Box grater (if your potatoes are not pre-hashed)

Lorge bowl

Sturdy mixin’ spoon


Something in which to bake a casserole, like a corningware or pyrex baking vessel

Oven mitts

Serving Spoon