Let's Talk About Diversity!

I was really thrilled to hear this mindfully put together diversity panel on Backbox Pinball Podcast back in early June, and even though it wasn’t created in any affiliation with Northwest players or my event, I’m really happy to have creator and host Lauren Gray’s blessing to share it here. There’s plenty of downtime in today’s program schedule to give it a listen, and consider any changes, from tiny perspective shifts in your mind to potential calls-to-action you can make tangible in your own pinball community to make it feel as inclusive to new and established players as possible. I’m using a Tilt Forums link to the podcast, because I loved the short but really positive conversation and resources that it generated.

Enjoy this smart, compassionate content, and I look forward to coming back to a pinball family that looks harder within ourselves and has the conversations about how we all can do better to bring the world’s greatest game to all who could find the joy and friendship that we do playing it. 




Big Hugs to Jackbox Counselor Bre for her hugely successful fundraising efforts for the King County Equity Now Coalition. Working in tandem with co-Counselor Clinton Peterson, and with donation matching from me, Clinton, and her - she raised over $500 for a great local cause! Thanks for putting the FUN in fundraising, my friends. Black Lives Matter.