Meet the Counselor: Graham Klym

Graham Klym and Kayla Greet have been hosting Skill Shot Pincast for the last five years. For their 75th episode, they’re bringing you guests and games for their first ever live video Pincast, tomorrow night at 6 PM PST! We’ll chat with Kayla tomorrow afternoon before we head over to the Craft Lodge, but let’s hear from Graham, in his own words:


Location: Beacon Hill

When did you start playing pinball?

I fell in love with pinball on December 2008

What are your top three games?

Fathom, Medieval Madness, The Addams Family.

Outside of pinball, what are your favorite hobbies?

Music, movies, traveling, karaoke, trivia.

Any pinball superstitions or competition rituals?

Nothing too interesting! I try to get a few practice games in, as well as a snack and a drink.

Who is a role model to you, pinball or otherwise?

So many people are pinball role models.
The Seattle scene alone is full of kind, fun, cool and skilled players that want to see everyone succeed. Maka, Heather, and Alyson come to mind!

What pinball event (local, regional, or national) are you most excited to see the return of?

I am not on a Monday Night Pinball team, but I still pick MNP. Being asked to be a sub, or just stopping by Flip Flip or Shorty’s on a Monday and seeing a bunch of folks show up for their match that night.

πŸ•Thanks for coming to Camp, Graham! And for all the years of entertaining interviews, observations, and games that come with the Pincast! πŸ•