NWPSC Photo Contest!

#nwpinballsummercamp begins tomorrow!

Amongst the many ways you entertain yourself and your household, one is a photo contest - transform a space in your home or yard to a campsite, shop your closet for a camper uniform and take a snap (or even give us a video tour!) - the winner (or first runner-up rather, as Andy and I have clearly GCed this challenge...🔥) will be mailed a Stranger Things translite! Contest ends Sunday, prize awarded right before The Ultimate Pinball Game Show! at 7PM PST! There will be a special thread on our Facebook page for submissions, or email namaslaywithalysonrae@gmail with your offering!

#pinthreadsAndy’s tank and my shorts from Soft Plunge Pinball, my (modified) tank from the NWPSC store, link on the homepage of this website! Shop small, shop pinball! 🏕❤️