Northwest Pinball Summer Camp is OPEN!!!

Good Morning, Campers ❤️๐Ÿ•

I look forward to sharing all the wonderful gifts that the NWPSC Counselors have crafted to entertain you with all weekend, and to help create deeper connections between pin-pals old and new as we bond remotely over the world’s best game. But first, a few words:

Northwest Pinball Summer Camp is dedicated, in loving memory, to the life and legacy of Elijah Nelson. Player, Slayer, and brother to all who knew him, Elijah was an absolutely otherworldly and wonderful fixture in the NW pinball family, and is incredibly missed.

Whether you knew him for five minutes or a whole lot of years, you felt his love and can understand what a presence he had, to say nothing of his mind-bending gifts as a pinball player and the bottomless generosity that he shared his knowledge of the games with. And though he was one of the best talents in our city, the stories of his sweetness toward and support for new players are endless.

There are countless stories that could be told for night after night of campfires about his greatness, and I hope that some of them get shared here. If it brings you comfort, please share memories and photos in the comments freely.

Here is a truly ‘Elijah’ story a dear friend of his, Cristina Romelia Mairena DeLaRosa, shared elsewhere online that sparked the inspiration for this beautiful painting by Chris Thompson (Instagram: @christopherthompson). I was given the blessings and love from both storyteller and artist to bring this creation into our woods to watch over us, and to warm hearts with Cristina’s tale of our beloved friend:

“A long time ago, when there was just a rocky trail down to the bottom of Snoqualmie Falls, a van load of us made the trip to the bottom. We thought we'd be badasses and cut through the woods to the bottom. There was a lot of cursing, slipping, and holding on to trees for dear life ๐Ÿคฃ.

Down glides Elijah with an acoustic in one hand and a case of beer in the other like some sort of mystical woodland creature. It was a good day.”

May we all hold close to our hearts all the good days that we were so lucky to spend with him. Our Star. A true wizard that lives inside everyone who has had the honor of seeing him pull a plunger and just crush those ramps for DAYS...

The day can’t come fast enough that we all get back to going outside for each other’s love, laughter, and blowing up the world’s leaderboards with ELFs in tribute to him - but until then, let’s just keep finding the kindness and humor and easy nature that he always offered us without effort, in ourselves and toward one another. Keep shredding.

Acrylic on board, 9”x12”
©️2020 Chris Thompson