Winter Is Coming

Season’s Greetings, campers, hope you are all staying warm from the snow (or perma-drizzle, if you are camping in the great PNW with me) and keeping yourselves safe. ❄️☔️🏕 This weekend, NWPSC is sparking up a fat Yule log to share with you all, in the form of a few ‘Winter Camp’ offerings, hope to see you by the fire for fun and games: 

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 12th: ❄️🛸Holidays on Mars 🛸❄️ Join entertainment counselor Second Place Andy and I in our cabin for fun twists on beloved classic Attack From Mars, as we square off on challenges like Stall Ball and Drillin’ Fools, and join forces on variations of split flipper playing. We miss you guys and would love to chat with you while we muck around with the Martians. Follow Andy on Twitch at 
(6PM PST, Twitch) 

❄️Pinball at the Movies: The Who’s ‘Tommy’❄️ Join us back on Earth and on Andy’s private Discord channel as we hold on tight and get real weird with the absolutely psychedelic and bizarre 1975 film treatment of the rock opera that has generalized our hobby for generations. Even though there isn’t as much pinball as we would hope, the entertainment lies in the live comments in the chatbox. Jump in and heckle along with us, or just sit back in awe of this very strange musical, featuring The Who, Tina Turner, Jack Nicholson, Ann-Margret, Elton John, Eric Clapton, and more than a few baked beans. 🎞🔥 
(8PM PST, Discord, details to follow) 


❄️Pinyasa with Sarah Hager❄️ Seattle’s original yoga for pinball players! Formerly coming together to practice Vinyasa-style yoga on the floors of Add-a-Ball Amusements every Sunday at 1:00, we have continued convening on Zoom every week at the same time all throughout Covid. Join the Pinyasa FB group for more info and to get the link to join us for a stretch this (or any other!) weekend. Namaslay! 🙏🤟 
(1PM PST, Zoom) 

❄️Winter Camp Craft Lodge and the great ‘GAME OR STRAIN?’ quiz!❄️ 

Filling out holiday cards? Detangling your lights? Snipping snowflakes from folded paper? Threading a popcorn chain? Building a gingerbread house? Do it while you chat with friends old and new in my Zoom cabin! Hell, even if you want to wax a playfield, work on any given home project, or some coloring sheets I’ll be posting to print at home, the more - the merrier! After an hour of chatting and crafting together, NWPSC is thrilled to bring in Seattle Pinball’s favorite quizmaster and Left Shark Aaron McAbee to share a special holiday edition of his delightful ‘GAME or STRAIN’. Campers will be challenged to identify whether or not Aaron is naming an obscure pinball table or a strain of recreational marijuana (or BOTH 🤯🌬). Top two guessers win swag from generous Camp sponsors Soft Plunge Pinball and Double Danger Pinball Accessories! 
(3PM PST, ‘GAME or STRAIN’ at 4PM, Zoom link to follow).