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Located in the beautiful Northwest corner of the United States lies the biggest online pinball camp ever created.  From all parts of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, British Columbia and Alaska come together online for some awesome Pinball, Online Entertainment, and Community.  Grab some marshmellows!

Camp opens on July 10th!  Click on Read More for Details

June 2nd Update:

Thank you for your patience while we paused, we can't wait to hammer down our stakes!

Alyson Rae Northwest Pinball Summer Camp 🌲
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For those still wandering the Campground, exit through the General Store to spiffy up your summer wardrobe!🌲I just treated myself to a snuggly hoodie from! Get on in there for shirts of all styles, as well as crew socks and totes! Thanks to Chase Nunes for the design and creating the shopping opportunity. It was SO FUN and touching, seeing photos from everywhere of people in their camp swag.🌲Thanks to Soft Plunge Pinball for furnishing prizes for the campsite photo contest and Fantasy Arcade Draft on the Skill Shot Pincast! I wore her threads all over Camp. The pink leggings are still in their prototype stage, and I’m honored to have had a chance to confirm that they are the best quality material I’ve had on my legs, and I live in yoga clothes at this point so I’ve got a high standard! Check out her goods (and SALES!) at Also, I highly recommend the goods (especially the Camp Crystal Lake Pinball Tournament shirts) from her partner…

Closing Ceremonies

I've extinguished the campfires, turned the virtual machines off, emptied the Mess Hall pantry, rolled up the yoga mats, cleaned up the spills/glitter wigs/bunny ears/various discarded clothing left behind in Skill Shot's cabin, and I'm as ready as I'm gonna be to close down Northwest Pinball Summer Camp for it's 2020 season. I have archived all content, so campers can easily share the Camp experience with others, and revisit it's many programs without all the scrolling. This post will stay pinned at the top all summer for easy reference, and stay tuned for smaller seasonal events from our talented Counselor team! If you'd like to contribute ideas or content to next year's NWPSC or any offshoot online events, my cabin door is open year round to support and collaborate with you, wherever you are!Got some prizes to award!Heather of Lansing, Michigan wins our Campsite photo contest (and a Stranger Things Translite, thanks to Stern P…

Thanks to everyone for playing in the Northwest Pinball Summer Camp! Online Tournaments on Friday!

From Arcade Counselor Michael Adcock: "We had 22 players participate across the three games including:
Adam Gomez, Alan Wiley, Andrew Pancoast , Anthony Sitaras, Austin Arlitt, beez., Chase Nunes, Christien Miller, Dana Valatka, Ditto Depew, Elliott Johnson, Jason Dowell, John Garnett, Jonathan Soon, Laura Sheptock, Kelly Phair, Mark Bjorkquist, Michael Palero, Nickie Danyell Dowell, Sebastian Grinke, Therese Edwards, and

Let's Talk About Diversity!

I was really thrilled to hear this mindfully put together diversity panel on Backbox Pinball Podcast back in early June, and even though it wasn’t created in any affiliation with Northwest players or my event, I’m really happy to have creator and host Lauren Gray’s blessing to share it here. There’s plenty of downtime in today’s program schedule to give it a listen, and consider any changes, from tiny perspective shifts in your mind to potential calls-to-action you can make tangible in your own pinball community to make it feel as inclusive to new and established players as possible. I’m using a Tilt Forums link to the podcast, because I loved the short but really positive conversation and resources that it generated.Enjoy this smart, compassionate content, and I look forward to coming back to a pinball family that looks harder within ourselves and has the conversations about how we all can do better to bring the world’s greatest game to all who could find the joy and friendship that …

NWPSC Coloring Sheet, and Meet the Artist: Steph Hanlon

The NWPSC Arts and Crafts Lodge on Zoom was SO FUN! We looked at DIY shelving projects, learned about carving rubber stamps and the super interesting world of letterboxing, saw some amazing 3D printing demos and results, and worked on culinary and needlecrafts. Special thanks to Kayla Greet for co-hosting with me!
Seattle’s own Steph Hanlon provided us with print-at-home coloring sheets, here is one to make your own! Our local pinball family’s resident graphic designer, she has created logos for Monday Night Pinball teams, arcades, and small businesses owned by players, check out her work at openedeyedesigns! She is also one of the city’s most talented tattoo artists (Steph Hanlon Tattoo), and donated a $100 gift certificate to get some ink to Breanna Jo Lloyd’s raffle fundraiser for King County Equity Now Coalition
A few words from Steph:
Campsite Location: Seattle, WAWhen did you start playing pinball?
5 or 6 years i think lolWhat are your top three games?
Eight ball …


Thanks to Gordon and Brad from 'Skill Shot: Seattle's Pinball Zine' for taking it upon themselves to invite Campers to their cabin on Saturday night for a midnight K-Pop dance party! I passed out on my living room/campsite floor after hours of dancing like crazy, chatting, costume changes, and LAUGHING with some of Seattle pinball's more rambunctious characters. Shenanigans!
Gordon's K-Pop party playlist - every tune is a top notch BANGER!:

We Came, We Saw, We Stretched, We SLAYED!

Collaborating and teaching with one of my biggest yoga mentors, and bringing two classes to Camp, one active and energetic Vinyasa practice and one slow and low Restorative class, was a joy. Thanks to Sarah Hager for all she does, and for all yogis who came to the mat with us!
Find more about Sarah: Facebook: Instagram: @pinyasayoga, @_sarahnade
Find more about Alyson: Facebook: Instagram:, @thisbloodandglitter